Food as a documentation methodology

Whenever I go away I tend to send my long-suffering lady pictures of what I'm eating. I think she finds it ammusing (or at least humours me) so I thought I'd share my food diary with a wider audience.... Sorry.

Premier Inn, Gatwick

Apostrophe, Gatwick Airport

Between Gatwick & Frankfurt

Imagine a picture of a croisant, which contained quite a lot of chocolate

About 30 mins out from Frankfurt

About 1hr out from Frankfurt

About 1hr from Tokyo

Wednesday afternoon, Shinjuko, Tokyo

Wednesday eve, Shinjuku

thankfully this was before Abdul asked the waitress to surprise us...

Thursday Breakfast, Hatagaya

Thursday Lunch, Hatsudai

Thursday Dinner Hatagaya

I didn't take a photo - I'm going to blame abdul as he was using one of my three phones at the time (lame excuse)

Imagine if you will red Thai Beef curry, Beef stir fry & rice


Fugu Sashimi

you can believe whichever one you will. 

Friday Breakfast, Hatagaya

Friday Lunch:  Bought in Ginza, nibbled in Hatsudai, eaten in Hatagaya

Friday Dinner, Hatagaya

Saturday Breakfast, Hatagaya

Saturday Lunch, Meiji Jingu

Sunday Dinner, Hatagaya

Sunday Breakfast, Hatagaya

Sunday Lunch, Kabukiza

Sunday Dinner, Hatsudai

Monday Breakfast, Hatagaya

Monday Lunch, on a Bullet train!

Monday Dinner, Kobe

Tuesday Breakfast, Kobe

Lunch, Kyoto

Imagine if you will a bow of lovely Japanese curry

DInner, Hatsudai

(to the left of the salad bowl was the buffet)

Wednesday Breakfast, Hatagaya

Wednesday Lunch, Lidabashi

Wednesday dinner, Hatagaya

Thursday breakfast, Hatagaya

Thursday Lunch, Lidabashi

Thursday Dinner, Hatagaya

Friday Breakfast, Hatagaya

Imagine something that looked almost identical to thursday breakfast.

Friday Lunch, Shibuya

Friday dinner, Shinjuku

Saturday Breakfast, Hatagaya

Saturday Lunch, Hatsudai

Saturday Dinner, Hatsudai

Sunday 'breakfast', about 1hr out from Tokyo

Sunday, 1/2 way between Tokyo & Zurich

Sunday, 2 hours from Zurich

Sunday, between Zurich & London

Sunday, between London & Cardiff

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Comment by Katherine Jewkes on April 15, 2013 at 1:44

You lucked out on the flight food. BA provided meatballs and macaroni cheese. (served separately) x

Comment by Matt Ball on April 14, 2013 at 8:24

So I think that's it now, unless I have anything else on the train. 

Comment by Matt Ball on April 3, 2013 at 3:46

Glad you like them, I'll keep updating them as they come in.

Lufthansa was the airline.

Comment by Jen Thornton on April 3, 2013 at 2:34

Ps that plane food looks pretty good. Who did you fly with? 

Comment by Jen Thornton on April 3, 2013 at 2:34

Love it. More please! x

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