Free Men


Setting: Broken gates of concentration camp. Russian soldier greets small group of male prisoners.

Russian: I liberate you...!

Man: Liberate yourself!

Russian: Sorry?

Man: Good. A word we expect to hear a lot of in the days to come.

Russian: I...I liberate...

Man: We are free men. You cannot liberate us.

Russian: But you are prisoners.

Man: A house may have walls, doors, gates but I am still a free man there.

Russian: But you cannot leave the camp. You can leave a house.

Man: I see you have never married! (Group laughs)

Russian: But...

Man: Look my friend. You cannot liberate that which knows itself to be free.


Russian bows. Leaves.

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Comment by Rowena Louise Bernice Scurlock on July 2, 2012 at 12:21

Superb as always darling!

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