Fresh Apples by Rachel Trezise...Day 1

Hello everyone......Just when you thought the Pinter play has ended and you'd get a bit of peace...I thought i would share some different sections of text with you from 'But Not Really 'by the very gifted Rachel Trezise.

The moon shone against his house, showing up its new paint, a soft lime colour, like a woman in a new layer of confidence, stepping out into the summer for the first time in a mini skirt and a new pair of sandals. The hanging baskets either side of the front door,fuschia trailing out: her grotesque earrings....

Gemma was Tom Jones Daughter ( But not really) Her mother had shagged him that much was true. She'd heard her mother talking about it to the big fat woman in Bracci's...Nobody knew who her father was, least of all her mother................

The girl on the ceiling stopped smiling, stooped shining. She existed instead on flaky,amateur movies glaring hungrily out of the scene while strangers mounted her like an animal, a submissive blonde wreck with a twenty pound note rolled on her face..............

Greame drove over the mountain, his stomach heavy with his mothers doughy yorkshire pudding. His tyres whipped on the black road as it curled and sloped unfathomably, like a stray pubic hair; sheep, their big yellow angular bodies squatting at the edge, the hot tar their campfire. Down in the valley everything was dead. Everything except the lucozade orange street lamps.........

Day 1

We filled the room with objects named and described in the text and immersed ourselves in the world of these characters. I wanted to create a dynamic space for the actors to inhabit. We filled it with Howlin' Wolf, Puccini,Ebben from the film Diva, Blondie, Janis Joplin,David Bowie, The Manics,Velvet Underground and my favourite - Nina Simone..not forgetting The Carpenters, and just played with space, energy and text. We laughed alot and had a thoroughly productive and enjoyable day. We filmed some of our process for research and development ideas for later on down the road. Richard Tunley, Shelley Rees, Jonathan Owen, Lauren Phillips and Viv Thomas on camera....Thanks for your inventiveness and willingness to experiment. Onwards and upwards....more on wednesday....Rachel Trezise and John Mcgrath are calling in to share the work with us....Looking forward to that.. XX Julie

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Comment by Gary Knowles on March 30, 2010 at 9:39
Sounds fab, wonderful music, great actors and a wicked cameraman, what more could a girl want.

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