Green Man // Red Woman - our first blog! By Llinos and Hannah

Greetings! We are actresses Llinos Mai and Hannah McPake, welcome to our blog about Green Man // Red Woman, which you can see at Greenman Festival from 14 - 17 August 2014. For the four days of the festival we will be camping in the woods (sharing a tent), doing magic tricks like two little David Copperfields and chatting to as many lovely ladies as we can find onsite. Which we imagine will be a lot.


Seeing as we play ourselves in the show, we thought it might be nice if you got to know us a little better. So this week’s blog is going to answer the question (definitely) on everybody’s lips - what makes these spell-finding-red-woman-creating actress geniuses tick?!  To help clear this up, here are our...VITAL STATISTICS (thanks to our nameless vital statistics question master, whoever you are…)

How can campers recognise you...


Q: How tall are you?

Hannah: Shorter than you think

Llinos: 5ft


Q: What’s your hair colour?

Hannah: Brown/red-ish

Llinos: Dark brown


Q: What about your eyes?

Hannah: Blue/green

Llinos: Blue


What will we see you eating at Green Man?

Hannah: Porridge Pots

Llinos: I've never been to a festival before. Im guessing it's all falafel and hummus though right?


And now for some miscellaneous FACTS:


Q: You will be performing some magic in the show. Who are your favourite Magic Duo?

Hannah: Paul Daniels and Debbie Mcgee

Llinos: Penn and Teller. Derren Brown (he’s not a duo but he’s cool anyway)


Q: Can you tell us about your best camping experience?

Hannah:  Sitting dry and warm in the tent listening to a storm raging

Llinos: Duke of Edinburgh Award 1995. Staying in the Preseli mountains. We all went crazy in Millets Haverfordwest in the lead up to that trip. there was a lot of Kendal Mint Cake going round. That’s my best and my worst.


Q: What about your worst?

Hannah: The tent blowing down and being evacuated

Q: As the show is called, Green Man // Red Woman, what’s your favourite shade of red:

Hannah: Blood red

Llinos: Blood red (SNAPPP!)


Q: What’s the best ghost story to tell when camping in the woods:

Hannah: Anything creepy about woods, shadows, unseen animals lurking in bushes, the absence of people  and lights, strange noises - um, not sure i want to go now.

Llinos: Any mention of the Blair Witch film is always going to freak people out. I look forward to mentioning it to Hannah in the middle of the night.


And finally, what are your top three camping tips?

Hannah: Get a tent, make sure you have all the bits of the tent and really, really make sure you have all the bits of the tent, check and check again - even if you are assured by camping companions that you do indeed have all bits of tent check, otherwise you might potentially find yourself in the middle of nowhere, having driven miles, unpacked the car, lugged your stuff through fields in the pissing rain, selected a pitch, unpacked, set up camp - or tried to……only the to discover - you don’t in fact have a tent, or all the bits of tent, you have an odd assortment of bits that could potentially go together to make a tent if only there wasn’t a crucial pole missing!  CHECK.


And that’s it for now folks, now you know us we can all be BFFs!


If you have any burning questions for us, you can tweet us @GMRW_ #ntwgreenman and please do join us on twitter on Thursday 31st July at 2.30 for an UNMISSABLE LIVE Q&A with our friends at National Theatre Wales. It’s like being famous this is.


Until next time readers, until next time…..

Llinos and Hannah x

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