I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Abbie Allen. I'm from Warwickshire and I'm currently studying my final year of BA Scriptwriting at the University of South Wales. I am a writer of many mediums and I try to convey a meaning in what I write, but sometimes I get so lost in the world of the idea I forget that. I have a tendency of juggling various and numerous ideas around all at once. I started writing novels when I was fourteen years old as an escape from school life. I showed it to a couple of teachers that told me my writing was really good. I was taken aback and just haven't stopped writing since, really.

I went to North Warwickshire and Hinckley College and did Acting for two years. One of the modules was Devising and I wrote a script as an idea and they commented how they thought I was good at writing scripts. I took that on board and in my spare time away from homework I was writing novels and scripts. It was in my second year that it got picked up on. A tutor of mine got me to do an extra module for extra credits that was Scriptwriting. I was to write a script, have a read-through of it and then develop it from the feedback I got. Somehow, I pulled off a Distinction. Also in my college course there had been a module for us to look into University courses. A friend of my sister had suggested a new course at her newly merged University, that happened to be the one I am currently studying at. She was living with people on a Scriptwriting degree and so, she suggested I had a look. Instantly I was hooked and I put it into the list of places I looked into. It was then in second year I applied to the course.

The day of the interview came round. As soon as I was there on campus with my Dad in Cardiff I couldn't keep the smile off my face. We went inside and the building was spectacular. I had the interview with two of my lecturers and the smile would not budge. I showed them examples of my novel and how I'd started to adapt it into script. They took copies and told me to wait until the end of the week to hear back. I was really hopeful I would get it. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I went to other places for interviews and got offers from Coventry Uni and DeMontfort, but I was fixed on University of South Wales. It was whilst I was in the library doing college work when I found something had changed on my UCAS. I checked it out and broke down into tears. I'd been made an offer that I could have a place if I got MMM. I was over the moon. A friend of mine was sitting next to me and thought something was wrong, but I told him I got an offer and he was as pleased for me as I was.

It was from then on I focused on getting those grades. My work paid off. I got a DMM overall from college. So in 2014 I started at University of South Wales. I never regretted the choice because I have developed both my skills and as a person. I'm slowly gaining my confidence back in my work, but it's still a long way to go. I'm getting stuck into different things to propel myself further forward. I've been volunteering whilst at home from Uni as a sound technician with Abbey Theatre in Nuneaton (that's in Warwickshire, if no one has heard of it). I'm the Deputy Head of Arts for University of South Wales' student radio station, DRAGON RADIO. I'm producing my first five part crime drama radio series, that I wrote myself during my second year of University, in 2017 with Dragon Radio. I'm trying to write the projects for assignments to my best ability to hopefully pitch forward to people when I'm ready and when I think the pieces are at their best.

So I hope to b able to grow more and progress further in what kind of projects I write. I mean, come on. How often do you see a woman with Asperger Syndrome excelling in what she creates without boundaries being put in front of her? I intend to break that and show people we're not to be sidelined and we're just as capable as everyone else. Now all I have to do is prove it.

I wish you all a great career in whatever part of this industry you enter and that maybe you might find you have fun with it along the way.

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