Hello TEAM Panel, and a wary greeting to 2017.

So. TEAM Panel. Me. TEAM panel AND me. Oof. Let’s start with me. Narcissists never change.

I’m Jeremy, I’m a writer, performer, professional idiot and general weirdo.  I’m based in Cardiff and now I’m on TEAM Panel.  That’s not really saying anything new though.

Shit. Ok. So I’ve applied for Panel before but this time I was successful. Yay.  I guess that makes me a successful failure, but then I always was an oxymoron. Without the oxy.

So as you may or may not know (those are the two options) TEAM Panel is a group of rather lovely and fantastic bodies filled with organs and a firey passion for TEAM. They decide the direction TEAM goes in and its role within National Theatre Wales. Having had a lot of support and love from TEAM over the years I wanted the chance to give some back.

What do I see that meaning?

Well – 2016, yeah? Bit of a crap one really, I think most people would agree. I’ve always felt the world was tending towards closeness and connection but collectively we all decided we’d rather split up and do our own thing in 2017.

Which is a bit sad really. Even for a dangerous loner like me.

I think there’s a lot of people who feel like theatre isn’t for them. Or that TEAM isn’t for them. Or are too nervous, or anxious, or having difficulty leaving their home for whatever reason to come and get involved.  Perhaps they need some support or encouragement in some form. I’d like TEAM to be able to provide that as much as possible.

So really, idealistically, I’d like to use my time on TEAM panel to try and solve those problems. Which means if you’re already reading this you’re probably not who I mean. You’re already involved. Which is great. Stay involved. Come chat. Ask for help. Be cheeky and daring. And maybe consider being a bit evangelical about TEAM and NTW. Bring a mate to a show who doesn’t normally go to them. Encourage someone to unleash their creative beast. I want to meet them. Support them. Find some way that NTW and TEAM can make their life feel a little richer, a little fuller.

I genuinely believe everyone is an artist and the arts is for everyone.  For a lot of us though, somewhere along the way we stop. Which, frankly, is fucking tragic. Art enriches, empowers, strengthens and bonds. If you've not got art somewhere in your life you're missing out, and those of us that do have it are missing out. Art can shove dirty, unpleasant things in our faces and make us deal with it. It can show us new perspectives. If every single person who is capable of making art (which is everyone, if you've paid attention) isn't then collectively we're poorer and more ignorant of the world. 

Because we have a problem. The same old faces. The same old thoughts. Come see mine and I’ll see yours. Not intentionally but I think we’ve become a bit of a closed circle. So let’s change that. Let’s kick down some doors, start listening to new voices and putting things back together.

It’s everyone’s National Theatre after all. 

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Comment by Rhian Richards on January 9, 2017 at 16:05

I love this Jeremy! Welcome to TEAM Panel, look forward to hearing what you get up to and sharing thoughts


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