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New help pages

Tom and I have added a whole bunch of Help pages to this site.

There's a new HELP button for easy access, available at the top at all times.

Even if you have experience of using the Community site, there will hopefully still be useful nuggets of info, especially in the videos. If you're a 'lurker' who's never posted anything, then probably even more so.

Titles and tags

Just as one thing to mention, we're approaching our 700th blog post now. The blog posts cover many topics from the niche to the general. So do try to make your titles distinctive and explanatory, with some relevant tags. It'll help people to find your posts more easily.

The new stuff

Do visit the Help pages for tips on getting started, blogging, sharing images and photos and videos and other FAQs.

More help?

Do you want help with other things? Comment below or send me a message.

I'm talking mainly about using this site, but for anything else we can do our best...

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