I was thinking about tiny people in the world of the huge, I think its symbolic, and I remembered reading Gulliver's Travels as a child.  I must have read it half a dozen times.  The little giant girl who captured Lem and put him in her doll's house in Brobdidnag was named Glumdalclitch!  How com little girls don't get named that today.  I think its lovely.  Glumdalclitch Clack!  What a great programme for next year.  The interconnection with the community carries on at a pace.  Thiis was high on the theatres' list of priorities though their main aim is to do great work of course.  The arts are strange in that way, everything is subserviant to the creation.  Quite rightly so too.  It's been so pleasing to see the continual appreciation the work is getting and the reflected effect it has on Wales and the Welsh arts scene in general.  Onwards and upwards!! Love Boyd.  XX 

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