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Last night I bumped into the wonderful Peter Cox of Rhayader. Where? In Chapter, Cardiff!

Completely unexpected, a waterfall of emotions (yes see what I did there folks!) for Rhayader came rushing back.

And then he asked 'When are you back next Bud?' 

This is a question I get asked every time I leave Rhayader, and the best way to avoid saying bye. I love it.

There's 2 sayings everyone from my old school have.

'home home'  - We use it when we talk about our ACTUAL home, as in the home we grew up in. 

'house home' - We use this for when we talk about our home that we live in right now, so for me my Cardiff house.

'home from home' - A new one, I use this when I talk about Rhayader, and this is why I spend my week in Rhayader with PeerGroup and NTW looking at my relationship with places and people.

I realised I struggle to commit to staying in one place (which is difficult to imagine when I come from at least 5 generations of West Walians who have stayed in West Wales!), but I also get attached to places easily and always struggle to say bye, like I do with Rhayader.

So, while I was sat having tea with Jim in his new florists and craft shop, I instantly got attached to these beautiful walking sticks made by a man who lives in Builth Wells. At the time, I didn't know why I was fascinated. But Floris and Sjoerd from PeerGroup re-assured me that there was something in the walking sticks. And after a lot of ymming and aaing in front of the fire and over a few pints with Godfrey, Geoff and John in the Triangle pub (they meet here every Friday afternoon, and you are all welcome to join them!) I realised that I needed to find walking sticks and give them as gifts. 

So that's what I did!

Now I could go on and on about my thought process, my whole experience, how I see myself as an artists...but once I start I could be here forever and it will end up being a less entertaining blog.

But what I would like to say is thank you to NTW and PeerGroup for an eye-opening week. I really feel this week has opened to many new paths for me. I'd also like to thank the community of Rhayader for their generosity and kindness and willingness to go along with us!

Now, for those of you who know my style of blogging, you'll know I tend to put a lot of photos up...so here they are. I decided to choose some people I've met in Rhayader over the last year. I want to put everyone up there but I havn't got photos of everyone...this is a beginning of a bigger photo album...

Ronnie the lovely, caring big hearted hippy. She lives in a cave of crystals, singings bowls, knitting wool and a magical collection of records.

Alan, Mr Rhayader. He can tell you where to get a leg of lamb, a secret cinema, a bee hive, old chicken factory, and a good pint. Shame about his bad pancake skills.

Dj Glen. He's the town pirate. He wanted to wear my glasses for this picture. I have no idea why, but he is the so rock and roll I just couldn't say no. You can tune into his radio station which he broadcasts from this van. But only when he fancies it! 

Gwynfor, son of a pleacher man. And the most artistic hedge layer I know. He defines the meaning of 'poet and he doesn't even know it'. Beautiful man who really does love his life.

Oh and this is Junior. I don't know his real name. I only see him after the sun has set. He is the town entertainer... He's also the youngest brother of Gwynfor. Yup, surprised me as well. 

The End.

But if you want to know more, please get in touch! I can talk for hours about the residency week and Rhayader and PeerGroup! 

Check out all our stories on the Rhayader Rocks community page as well!

Adios amigos!


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Comment by Buddug James Jones on November 26, 2013 at 22:23

Blog has been updated to have photos...they got lost somewhere during that last posting sorry folks!

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