How is 3 Days to Stage Different from Other Scriptwriting Initiatives?

From time to time, we understand that us creatives need a hand with writing. Be it by actually finishing a project we have been working on since the beginning of time, or just finding a way to get inspired. 

Let’s be honest, this isn’t a particularly new concept. There’s probably a local group of writers who exchange scripts, or some online gimmick of getting someone to write a script a-day for a month that you can find. 

But, how is 3 Days to Stage any different from these sources? 

We’re not only interested in giving you a helping hand with your writing and generating ideas, but we also want to improve your writing to be its very best and make you self-sufficient in pumping out top-quality scripts.  

That’s a tall statement, we know. But, most of us get feedback from four sources: 

1) Friends; 
3) Another writer, who runs a high risk of being biased since you're competition; and 
4) A paid script editor. 

Considering there is such a massive community of writers, we all still for some reason live quite isolated lives.  

Which is strange, as your writing is only improved if you can get it in front of people or by talk and working alongside other writers.  

So, what are our goals? 

3 Days to Stage objectives:  

Create an Online Community; 
Work alongside other theatre companies to present writers work; and 
Offer writers the chance to write and improve.  


3 Days to Stage spawned from the remnants of ScriptDawg LTD. 3 Days to Stage operates almost entirely the same way, however, the only difference is that we’re a playwriting experience and not a theatre company.  

ScriptDawg’s James Humphreys and Sam Rees were able to produce several plays, events and run workshops independently and alongside other companies such as Avant CymruCardiff Fringe Theatre FestivalReality Theatre, and Bad Wolf.  

You can find more reviews on the ScriptDawg Facebook page, however here are a few to give you an idea of the level we worked at previously. 

“This Sounds Right Up My Street, When’s the Next One?”  

If you want to take part in one of our events or just wish to pop in and see what we’re all about, you can find us at Park & Dare Theatre, Treorchy, Station Road, CF42 6NL Treorchy on the 13th February. 

We’ve teamed up with Avant Cymru to put on of our 72 Hour Challenges for under 24’s to celebrate the 80th anniversary of ‘How Green Was My Valley’. 

However, if this is something that interests you, you can contact who can give you more details on taking part. Although you should be aware that the event will take place across three days for writers. 

What else do we offer?  

3 Days to Stage is comprised of James Humphreys (based in Estonia) and Sam Rees (based in Wales) who offer online challenges, content and engage with the community via our Facebook page.  

However, we do also offer script editing services and we’re happy to give you a quote if you get in touch.  

How Can I get in touch?  

Feel free to message James via the National Theatre of Wales Community page or contact us via our 3 Days to Stage Facebook.  

Until next time, 

All the best,  

3 Days to Stage 

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