How should you present limitations and alternatives in your Dissertation proposal?

When you sit down to write a dissertation proposal, the objective is to prove to the evaluating panel that you have greatly mastered anyconcept of bias and confounding. The audience therefore expects that you will deal with the potential study limitations in your proposal. To demonstrate to your dissertation committee that you understand each of the limitations and the extent to which they affect your research, you need to describe why your proposal faces or does not face each limitation. Focus only on the major proposal limitations, this will help you narrow down on the kind of threats that you should anticipate and the possible methods that you will employ to minimize such concerns.

Transparency is the key principle here! You shouldn’t try to cover up limitations, identify them and let your audience know instead. Openly bring out the pros and cons of your study approaches and decisions. There has never been a perfect study and it is impressive to humbly acknowledge limitations than ignore them. If it is a tall order and you want to get a dissertation writer, then we are there for you! We offer cheap dissertation writing online.


  1. Explain to your audience the potential limitation

Make sure to specify the type of every important limitation that you encounter. Is it a nondifferentialmiscalculation of a given variable like an error? Or is it a more dangerous limitation? By dangerous, I mean a differential bias for instance selectionbias, confounding or informationbias. Or perhaps the limitation could be related to external validity such as limited generalization of study outcomes. Your dissertation committee will view this as study strength. The last thing the committee would want to hear is the use of jargon and complex acronyms without being accompanied by explanation. Describe your research limitations in simple language as your reviewers will get an understanding that you have a clear scope of the dissertation.

  1. Explain the extent of the impact of the limitations on the findings ofyour study

Describe the likelihood, magnitude and the direction the limitation is going to cause to your study findings. The limitations canbias the findings either towards or away from the null value. Other limitations cause unpredictable impacts to your research findings.Just write to us expressing your need and we’ll make sure you enjoy our best dissertation writing company.

  1. Describe the alternatives

There are always a variety of approaches that you could have taken, but you made a decision to use a particular approach. Discus the alternatives to the panel as you clearly outline the pros and cons of each of the alternatives. What approaches have prior studies taken and what impact did it have on their findings? Cite review articles and panels with the kind of recommendations that they reached regarding a given approach.

  1. Discuss the methods to minimize the limitations

When doing this, it is very important that you first of all consult studies that have been undertakenbefore which have had findings that are of interest to you. Check for those studies if they used design analysis techniques in their attempt to minimize limitations which you can find prudent to adopt in your research as well. You may not have the time to come up with a structure that is convincing enough to your reviewers, you can get cheapest dissertation writing services from our writing company. We will help you write your dissertation from scratch! Is it a PhD dissertation help you need? Just place your order now.

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