'What does a Welsh person sound like?'


'How do I know?!'

So after the initial reaction to the huge question, I began to think about the details of my utter cluelessness and realised it wasn't through a lack of knowledge that I couldn't answer this question: it was because there was a full warehouse in my brain with a zillion different answers and I couldn't fathom where the beginning of this answer was.

Four days into the rehearsal and exploration, I feel like I've been on the Welsh roller-coaster from Pembrokeshire to Anglesey, having been accepted, pushed out, loved and let go. It's been a real taste of the stereotypical and the multicultural. Two days to go! Wonder what's gonna happen?!

Not sure! But I'm excited :-)

Cari x

Hello Dan here.

"What does a Welsh person sound like?"

Hmmm. I thought I had some answers to this question. Nevertheless, I have no idea what a Welsh person sounds like... but I'm enjoying finding out.
It has been a strange, exciting, hilarious, moving, confusing, clear as mud and emotional few days here in Prestatyn. This all may sound wanky (even for me) but it's absolutely true and I'm having a blast.

Congrats to my Bro and The Beach... even my brothers here, see? Whew.

Working with Bridget and Cari has been...erm... GREAT! (and even great doesn't do it!)

National Theatre Wales is in town and it's like the circus has come rolling in... apparently the real circus is in Rhyl. All the best to them.

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