Late last year I was fortunate to be awarded a Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council Wales. 
Im interested in the 3rd Industrial Revolution and what roles art can/will play in the revolution.
As a part of my award I proposed to make three artistic responses throughout the year, creating something that is inspired by what I have learnt up to that point.

I have just spent a week creating the first response, A VR/360 video called I Am Scared. I never thought I'd make a VR video but my journey brought me here. The videos title and theme came about after my third son was born in July this year. I was on a high, buzzing from our new arrival then about two days later I watched this video. which brought me back down to earth with a bump. In this video John Pilger argues that WW3 has already begun. This coupled with the daily goings on of Syria, Palestine and the rise of Fascism and racism, inflated post Brexit got me thinking about what can of world have I brought Aneurin into.

Around the same time I read an article about google cardboard, which I got excited by. The idea that anyone with a smartphone could experience VR was exciting, i then thought it would be great to make a VR video, but I didn't have to skills or the time to learn. I began researching online to discover that Premiere Pro had recently added 360 editing capabilities to the latest addition. So maybe VR was within my means after all. It turns out that the experience using Google Cardboard has a long way to go but as with most technology I think VR will become more and more accessible.
What kind of video did I want to make? I wasn't really interested, this time around, is shooting 360 video and then editing, i was more interested in experimenting, in making something more abstract. OK so I now knew I wanted to make something abstract, but what would the theme be. I kept coming back to being scared about my boys and their future so I decided to make a video that was about the things that make me worried.

Im pleased with the result. It is an experiment, it is a learning process. I think with more time I could create something really powerful, it would be great to work with someone who knows about sound, particularly binaural etc. I think there is so many possibilities with 360 and I look forward to seeing what else I and other can create.

For this video I used Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After effects and Photoshop.

You can download the file here or find the video on youtube obviously its best viewed using Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR 

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Comment by Gavin Porter on September 25, 2016 at 19:11

Thanks Guy. I Thought if I shared the url people could watch the video, i've changed the settings to public.

Comment by Guy O'Donnell on September 25, 2016 at 18:48

Hi Gavin I think you have the video on You Tube as private.

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