After weeks of anticipation, a day of travel and a sea of new faces, I am finally here blogging live from the ffwrnes theatre in Llanelli for their epic all night Iliad marathon.
It's a theatrical adaptation as ambitious in its methods as in its subject.

Inside the theatre its a studio set up with the audience scattered around in plastic chairs and a uniformed cast restless and grim pace between people. Voices, a man speaks, the epic begins, the great intractable battle that was Troy is being played out in swathes of narrative that are thrown like gauntlets from one cast member to another. Almost entirely without action, the intensity is held by these voices, their passion and rantings, while silent others move perpetually rearranging wooden poles boards and occasionally casting audience from their seats to shift their chairs, screens and sounds play and the tension builds.

The words, names, alliances and feuds are bewildering but one thing is clear, after a 9 year war there is still no backing down, and at its heart are beauty and betrayal. The dissent of Achilles marks the descent into total war. King on King and God on God, the end of part 1 has set the scene.

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