Man on a beach far away

Outcast to the box most are trapped   within, focused like a scientist would be to prove his theory right, against the wind of all odds. 
He said "they comming for us"
"Who are they", we ask?
Genuine reflex instantly open arms welcome gesture. 

That was then this is now.  Polluted by mass toxic waste , his fully educated without a deegre. Books sent from oversea. They kill the livestock, land and sea. Depend on me. United Nations, Unicef & aid. 

His knowledge precedes their guilt.  Their intangible shackels put most of the world in a paradox. 
Cooparations & banks enslave their civilians, turn them into consumers, drug addicts & toy- soldiers. 
Chain of command half human half robot. 

As he stands in line with his people, sand beneath their feet. Fish escape the Sea and land on shore. 
Seeking refuge from polluted water,  wishing the retired fishermen sympathy. Knowing they would die on land. 
His vision ahead of hopeless fish dying adjacent to him, alien ships approaching the beach. 

He turns around to face his people, as tears fall together simontensly. I shred tears for our ocean & land, he said listen an stay connected these innocent fish are victimsh of their waste,  so pay attention and waryaa get me some sheep skin so I can write the laws of our country. 

            Hassan Panero

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Comment by National Theatre Wales on March 15, 2012 at 22:21

Lovely work Hassan - great to see your writing up on the site. 

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