Introduction, projects and more.....

Hi my name is Jade and I am currently an Assistant Project Manager, Facilitator and Youth Worker at YOCA. 

We have some very exciting projects coming up that I am so pleased to be apart of and want to share them with you all. 

Creative Fusion

Who are you?

Is there a voice that wants to be heard? 

Are you bored with nothing to do? 

I have some projects just for you.

The project that I am co-leading along with my very good friend Chantal Erraoui (an actress and Facilitator who also attended the YOCA Facilitator training programme) is an all female project called Creative Fusion. Creative Fusion came about when Chantal and I merged our ideas of bringing two groups of young people from different backgrounds and areas of Wales together to look at identity, appearance, cultural difference and social media through game playing and creative arts. The two groups we will be working with this time are a BAME background group from Cardiff in partnership with Cardiff Youth Service  and a group from Ammanford in partnership with Mess up the Mess. We want to break down the barriers that the media puts upon us on how we judge other cultures and individuals. We want to empower young women to have fun and to have the space to think and act freely without being judged. The project starts on Monday 3rd August 6pm to 8pm and will be running all week to Saturday the 8th August, where YOCA will be opening the doors to their new home the first time, and this project will have a slot for a small/relaxed performance of whatever the young women have created in the week. 

Here is a snippet what the project entails through poetry:

"Empowerment is a word not everyone feels, your confidence lingers in the depths of your despair,

You talk out loud but only whispers come out, whispers that is never heard.

Feeling vulnerable? Feeling shy? The loneliness is all that you can bare.

Your continually ticking boxes instead of being who you are."

Save the Date Open Day 08/08/2015

YOCA is opening our doors for the first time to celebrate past projects, present projects and the future. with small performances, live music and free food (yes, FREE FOOD!!!)  it really is going to be an amazing day. If you are free and want to get to know YOCA more intimately and to find out what we can offer you then please come along to our open day on the 08/08/2015 starting at 2 pm finishing late.

Belong in a community of hopes and dreams

Create the rhythms of prosperity

Grow as an individual, this is magical

Breakdown barriers, together we are FIO

Project Fio

From the 10th August to the 29th August we will be running our Summer School Project Fio. 

 This is where I fell in love with this approach to youth work. Merging and fusing together creative arts and youth work is an amazing way for young people to gain creativity and confidence.

" This project is an opportunity for enthusiastic young people aged 13 to 19 to enjoy a real insight into working in the arts how things are made for stage and TV - no experience necessary!

Be a Performer,a Director, a Producer,a Writer,a Technician, a Designer or a Promoter - its your call!!

Its all free, lunch will be provided for the summer school and travel bursaries available. 

YOCA Participatory Artists Training Programme

This is the training course I was previously writing about which happens to be running again this year which I am really excited about and so I really hope that some of you would sign up as it is an absolutely amazing opportunity.

"YOCA Facilitator Training Programme intends to give you the knowledge and confidence to develop, plan and deliver programmes of work either independently or for other providers, combining various creative processes and techniques."  

The introductory workshops are: 25th-26th September 2015

Completion dates are: 6th-7th November 2015

The Programme is free to all freelancers and available to the first 10 people to register an interest. However a charge is applicable if you work for an organisation.

If you interested then please send your CV and why you would like to apply to by the 11th September 2015.

This programme inspired and empowered me to grow personally and professionally in the line of work that I do. I was once rather shy and quite a quiet person but now I am leading my own workshops, working with young people and project managing. Working with anyone and everyone who feel just like what I did before YOCA took me in, who gave me hope and confidence. Abdul and my fellow colleagues could see the potential that I just couldn't see and now I am doing what I love the most: working with young people so they can feel empowered through creative arts, game playing, team work and making new friends.

And finally..... :)

That's with all the information over and done with and introducing myself. I can't believe this is the first ever blog I have written so please bare with me and my mistakes.

Every day from the 3rd August I will write a short blog on how the projects are going as I am super excited about them all and want to share them with the world.

The mini poems I have written above all represent myself and so many other people that have felt like that before so if you have felt like that or do at present then don't. Your are beautiful. Find what makes your heart beat and follow it just like I did. Be inspired, share love and create smiles :)

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