Over the last few months, I've found it really interesting to unintentionally discover different ethics in other branches of religion. And it's made me review what I think about God. I wrote an essay about who I thought was the greatest Briton; I wrote about Darwin, after much deliberation, and his theory about creation, something I fully believe in. It was mesmerising to see his faith being tested through each new discovery and happening in his life. His take on life itself was very interesting and his view of God, The Bible and Jesus resonated with me more and more as I fell through his research.

I am not affiliated with any religion, I have never really been governed by it. I grew up in a Christian society, and went to church through Scouts but have never had a strong belief, just partook in ceremonies with respect. Though there are traits of several Christian sects I agree with - I have yet to find one where I am wholly comfortable. It's strange that I find myself searching for a religion that fits my beliefs, when I feel no need to do so. I do not practice any worship, I don't feel right doing it. But why am I seeking something? And why am I looking in Christianity?

What do I think of God?

I don't necessarily believe in a 'God' though I believe that there is something that exists in everything that is living, that links us together. Perhaps it's the soul and I can see how that can be perceived as 'God', I just can't call it that. I don't like the idea of a religion where there is a God, someone who dictates the way you live your life, your morals and views - I've always been to stubborn to accept that from anyone. Religion for me is an ancient form of laws created by people with status to control society by threatening those who do not obey with an unseen almighty power. Society bought into it and now it is ingrained in our families and countries; it's a way of life. Darwin made an excellent point, how can there be 1 God in Christianity, several in Hinduism and none in Buddhism? It has been seen that some 'savages' do not have a religion or God and they have no word or action in their vocabulary to even contemplate the idea. So how can we, supposedly, have any predetermined knowledge of an almighty being that we must praised?

The lifeforce, spirit, soul or what you want to call it is my 'God' because it's a mystery to me how a spark of life begins, ends or where it goes and I don't want to know how.

But on the other, with this lifeforce theory, maybe I just want to be a Jedi!

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