Juan More Show - Putting it all out there - The struggle of surviving in the arts.

Howwws Things? 

To start with I hope you're well.

Yes YOU, whoever YOU are.

I sincerely hope YOU are well and having a good time.

This is a blog post about growing up, This is a blog post about painThis is a blog post shamelessly promoting a show This is a blog post about so much more than that.

Since as early as I can remember I have loved performing. I think it started with attempting to moon walk across the floor and mimicking Michael Jackson. It was nurtured by the smiles and laughter of friends, family, teachers and peers.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it is that I wanted to do in life but eventually settled on performing and here I find myself 26 years old and about to put on a one man show and I'm scared.

Since graduating in 2009 I've been lucky enough to keep myself around the industry and had the pleasure of performing in a variety of shows from Zombie chase games, Ska musicals to intimate sensory experiences. Over the last few years I have been striving to break out on my own and start to create my own work. I've had the pleasure of being able to perform my work at some amazing venues with help from amazing organisations but this time I'm on my own in a new venue that doesn't have an established audience to tap into.

The show I'm talking about is called Juan More show and I will be performing it on April 1st in the CF24 Project.

It will be downstairs and the people running the venue are amazing. They are offering 20% of food with a ticket  for the show and drinks deals. They are being supper supportive and still I'm nervous. I'm nervous for a few reasons.

Reason 1: I'm performing by myself.

Now this might seem silly to some of you that know me and have seen me performing solo but this is my first full solo show and if I'm being honest that terrifies me just a little a bit.

Reason 2: It's in Cardiff

For years I lived in Swansea and have only been based in Cardiff for just over a year and it hasn't been the kindest city to me. I don't have the safety of Swansea to fall back on.

Reason 3: What if no one comes?

This is pretty self explanatory.

So I would whole heartedly like to invite anyone who is reading this post to come and see the show.

If you are a fan of mine or not please come. To all the people of which there are many that have helped me over the years please come. If you have ever wanted to support me and help me grow as an artist please come.


I once spoke on a panel about the future of theatre and was nearly sick after speaking, partly down to the other people on the panel who I looked up to, nervous about sounding stupid in front of them and partly because I knew what I was saying might not go down well. The cliff notes is that the best way to support emerging artists is to go and see the work. We are often unlikely to get extended runs and budgets are often non-existent.

I know people are busy but if you can then please do come on April 1st

This show means a lot to me. It will definitely be an experience and hopefully be something that you will go and tell your friends and family about. It's a show about us as human beings. A early work in progress showing inspired one audience member to jump up and film the entire thing on his mobile phone so hopefully it will inspire something in YOU.

If you can't come the next best thing you can do is please share the event or tell a friend as I really only know a select few of you Cardiff lot and I will be forever thankful.

Tickets are £5 with more info here

Expect Laughs, beers and perhaps a few tears.

Thanks for reading hope to see you there.


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