Lead Creative Schools Opportunity for music practitioners

I'm looking for music practitioners from any discipline who would be interested in working with a triad of schools in and around Newport as part of the Lead Creative Schools Scheme. The Lead Creative Schools Scheme aims to promote new ways of working, with innovative and bespoke programmes of learning designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning. More information about the Lead Creative Schools Scheme can be found here:



Below is more detailed information. Please let me know asap if you are interested and I can give you more information. Deadline for applications is Monday 14th December.


Maendy, Glasllwch and Langstone Primary are a triad of Green schools who have had a

close working relationship for the last few years. The schools are dedicated to enriching the

educational experience of their learners and are open to collaborating with practitioners with

a view to develop their own creative practices and teaching methods.


''We want to engage young learners with Maths in Years 1/2/3/6 to develop their skills in

reasoning and problem solving through the medium of music and other interdisciplinary

artforms. We are interested in developing their creative skills that will allow them to work

productively not only in groups but on their own with limited instruction''.


We anticipate that we will be looking at working with two practitioners: one practitioner that

will work with Years 1 & 2 & 3 and one practitioner that will work with Year 6. We are looking

for individuals who are versatile and multi disciplined and can offer other skills that would

enrich the learning experience (i.e this could be theatre, digital platforms, games etc).


The practitioner(s) will be delivering their programme of work between January and March

2016. Across the Lead Creative School Scheme there is a fixed daily rate for practitioners of

£250 per day (which is inclusive of travel). Fee will include afternoon sessions at the school

as well as project planning with the Creative Agent and the teachers involved.


We will be holding interviews on either 16th or 17th December at Langstone Primary.

Interviews will last approximately 20 minutes.


If you are interested in applying to be a Creative Practitioner on this project, please contact:

Alison John



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