The Locked Door


Following a successful research and development process Likely Story are looking for a Writer/Dramaturg to support the production of 'The Locked Door', a gruesome new fairy tale for a family audience, supported by the Arts Council of Wales and the John Thaw Foundation.


About Likely Story


We invite you to join us on a daft and wonderful adventure.  Our work is playful, visually exciting and full of boundless energy.  Let us ignite your imagination.  


We are three women who strive to make the best theatre we can for (and with) communities who might not otherwise see professional work. We work collaboratively with passionate and talented people. We are disciplined and work hard with joy and a spring in our step because we love the work we do. Bring commitment, bravery, biscuits and a sense of adventure – and don’t be late!


About the project

Nine year old Amy doesn’t want to move house, she especially doesn’t want to move in with Paul, her Mum’s new partner.  She wishes she was living in her old house on her own.  Amy’s mum warns her to be careful what she wishes for.  The only person who understands her is her best friend, Sebastian, the attention seeking sock monster living under her bed.  When Amy makes a wish that Paul would disappear and leave her and her mum alone for ever she gets much more than she bargained for.


Amy’s third wish summons the sinister Wish Dasher, King of the wishing realm, who snatches Paul away. 


In order to make things right, Amy has to travel into the colourful, dangerous worlds of her powerful imagination.  We go with Amy as she travels through the Wishing Realm, past the strange border guard and into the weird and wonderful places beyond.  From a city street of strange and unusual creatures to the dark woods with scary spoon men and a lonely Swamp Queen, to a headless shop keeper and his body-less shop assistant.  Amy has to use all her skills, bravery and compassion to find out what has happened. Battling through crazy shops, creepy forests and icy tundra in search of Paul, Amy learns how to cope with the many changes that are turning her life upside down.


This modern day fairy tale will have an energetic blend of good story telling, physical theatre, humour, playful visual style, puppetry, circus, original music and superb new writing.


The Locked Door is a magical story about self discovery, overcoming your fears, growing up and the power of a child's imagination.





About the process

Following a research and development process Likely Story mapped out the story structure for The Locked Door, there is some opportunity to develop this story but certain key elements are now fixed.  The writer/ dramaturg’s role is to help the company realise that story structure and create text to serve the story within each scene.  Over a 5 week devising and rehearsal process you will work closely in an ensemble with four actor / devisors. a director, a composer, a designer and a puppet maker to turn the story into an exciting, daft and playful production (max 1.5 hours long) suitable for children aged 7 plus and their families.  This period will include weekly workshops in a local primary school, as we collaborate with a class of Year 6 students on the development of the project.  This production will tour to rural and community venues through the Night Out Scheme and small / mid scale theatres throughout Wales.


This initial phase of work was developed in conjunction with writer Kit Lambert who is no longer available for the rehearsal period.


You will have a base in Cardiff, accommodation will be provided for tour dates outside of Cardiff.  Assistance in finding Cardiff based accommodation is available if needed.


About the role

Likely Story create work through a collaborative devising / writing process. We have found that we enjoy working with a writer in the room as this frees the actor/ devisors to be creative and be free with words. We anticipate that some of the final production will be improvised, some sections will be non-verbal.  The role of the writer/ dramaturge is to be the story wrangler in the room, working closely with the Director to ensure that that the company are always focused on telling the story and advancing the action and capturing the themes/images/heart of the scene/story through words.  The writer/ dramaturge will support the development of the text, sometimes arising from company improvisation sometimes originating from themselves.


You will

  • be in the room for most of the devising process.
  • balance time needed outside the rehearsal for writing accordingly.
  • provide provocation through text (or writing exercises for the company) for some of the improvisations/character developments.
  • Write up scenes once it  has been developed with devisors.
  • possibly be required to write entire scenes that then get reworked in the rehearsal room.
  • provide a cohesive script for week 4 (this will still be a work in progress) and a final draft for the start of Production week (week 5).


Essential criteria

  • Comfortable creating playful and daft work with heart.
  • Happy working collaboratively as an active member of the devising team.
  • Have a flexible approach to writing
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Passionate about creating exciting visual theatre for family audiences in community settings


Desirable criteria

  • Experience of working with young people
  • Comfortable getting up on your feet and joining in with some of the work
  • Current CRB Disclosure
  • Cardiff base



17th-22nd September

Rehearsal week 1

24th-29th September

Rehearsal week 2

1st-6th October

Rehearsal week 3

8th-13th October

Rehearsal week 4

15th - 20th October

Production week


Fee: £410 weekly fee.  Total fee £2,050.  This is a freelance contract for services, you will be responsible for your own Tax and National Insurance contributions.


This project has been made possible with support from Arts Council Wales and The John Thaw Foundation.


To apply

Please send a CV (max 2 pages) a brief covering letter explaining why you are interested in, and suitable for the role and feel free to include any relevant other samples of your work. 


In addition we request that applicants write a short scene (max 1 page A4) between a little girl and the monster under her bed.  This doesn’t need to relate to The Locked Door.  If time constraints mean that you are unable to complete this task we will still consider your application.


Please send applications to by 5pm Wednesday 25 July 2012. Interviews on 1 August 2012 in Cardiff.

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