'Mametz' Day 1.

So, the day finally arrived, the first day of rehearsals for 'Mametz'. And what an exciting day it was. The usual first day formalities took place - meeting the team, explanation of set and location, and of course... the all important first read through.

So why not start this blog in the same way. My name is Gethin Evans and I have to role of Emerging Director on 'Mametz', and I can not wait to share my experiences with you - who knows whats in store for us! I'm really looking forward to the project and seeing how Matthew Dunster (the director) works. Especially how he is going to orchestrate such a large scale and passionate piece.

For those of you who don't know, 'Mametz' is a large scale site specific production that will take place in a woodland outside Usk, Monmouthshire. It's a piece that discusses the life of War, focusing on the battle of Mametz Wood, in which 4,000 of the 38th Welsh division were killed or wounded.
My knowledge of this battle was extremely limited before this project, and I find it fascinating that it's not well known due to it's harrowing story and pure significance to Wales. What I'm really looking forward to is seeing an audience's reaction to the production, for the reason I have just stated, it's so unknown by the public!

So, back to today - what struck me was the sheer scale of the project. It's big. Really big. I knew this prior to today, but seeing the set design and discussing the location made me realise quite how big. The audience are in for a treat, witnessing the atmospheres created on such a stunning and vast location. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Matthew plans to use this space and the use of performers in it!

The play itself is written by Owen Sheers, a wonderfully talented man who has created a script that touches on many themes within war. It's full of interesting characters and touching relationships, some driving the play and some in subtext giving it a great depth. The cast are a great group and I'm really looking forward to their interpretations of Owen's words.

So there we go, day 1 done. Let the work begin....

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