After a lively discussion of political theatre (what is it?  do we need it?) at this year's Arts Council Wales conference, around 40 people created a manifesto for political theatre in Wales in a rather intense 10 minutes.  The rule was that there could only be 6 items in the manifesto.  Anyone could add their own point, but once there were six points up on the wall, adding yours meant taking someone else's down.  If yours was taken down, you couldn't put it back - but someone else could.  Fairly straightforward - and maybe not very democratic, but a lot more fun - and a lot faster - than hours of proposals and voting!  At the end of ten minutes our manifesto was:

  • Political Theatre should raise questions
  • Political Theatre should be contemporary and culturally relevant
  • Wales isn't general - it has a specific political take on the general
  • Political Theatre should be entertaining - no preaching
  • Political Theatre should inspire action
  • Political Theatre must provoke and challenge

What would your manifesto look like?

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Comment by National Theatre Wales on October 20, 2012 at 12:18

If you're on twitter, I've retweeted some of the 140 character long manifestos I was sent there in response to our manifesto.

Comment by Dean Scurlock on October 19, 2012 at 12:25
In a society that enforces uniformity, believing its citizens to be feckless shoppers to be fed mulched up reality 'culture', it's great that the revolution of ideas continues and is going strong. - 'Ideas for the mind are weapons in the struggle'

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