Farah Allibhai - 1800hrs

As a Visual Performance artist Farah Allibhai is interested in the inner self, the process of self discovery and of 'being'. Inspired by diversity and the metaphysical, how we connect to ourselves, our environment and the communities in which we live are questions she has been exploring through in a site specific way.


These enquiries continue in her on going project born out NTW's Summercamp 2014. Inviting you to ' Take A Moment' during this 1800hrs event Farah will be sharing a space for a unique and individual experience.


"The said inner silence is impossible to illustrate or express in any form or manner, so can't be expressed through words or images, but can be felt in the presence of someone who has achieved that state" Avtarjeet Dhanjal, Artist


As an actor, writer, and director, Farah works with personal and social themes derived from real life stories and experiences.

Visit Farah's Vimeo page here

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