Tina Pasotra - 1800hrs

Tina's background and exploration into dance has influenced her work to date as an Artistic Director. Her work has mainly been in designing and directing short films incorporating dance. Her work is described as poetic with an emphasis on attention to detail.

Tina is currently exploring the theme of migration, a word with a variety of meanings. In particular Tina is looking at the movement of the Sikh communities evolution in Cardiff through film and fashion. Tina’s recent achievement in gaining a research and development grant from Arts Council Wales has afforded her time and space to explore the Sikh community using multi-disciplinary art forms. 

Tina has been supported by National Theatre Wales, Arts Council Wales and spent time at Dazed and Confused/AnOther magazine.

Visit Tina’s website here

Tweet Tina @TinaPasotra


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