Memoria: Come and be part of our global audience

Memoria is happening at Chapter this Thurs,Fri,Sat.Re-Live have spent the past few months with an amazing group of people exploring their reality of living with dementia.  We've reflected together on memory, fear of change, fear of losing the ones we love, fear of losing ourselves.Two of our cast, Patrick and Karen are only 50 and are diagnosed with dementia. They know the road ahead, they know those precious memories and capacities will one day be gone. Their courage in wanting to share this stuff with an audience is inspiring.

In rehearsals we've heard stories of lost keys, lost cars, at times, lost hope. A need has been voiced. A need for guidance, strength and support from each other, from society, from the professionals and policy makers who shape our nation’s services. This voice is what you will hear in Memoria. You will also discover that dementia can be funny, awkwardly, inappropriately funny but funny all the same.

All 3 shows are being live streamed around the world which we're REALLY excited about it. It's still pretty rare for smaller companies like us to live stream  and the Arts Council are looking at this as a case study. Come along to the live show, help us make it work, and be part of a global audience for the night. 


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