I have been watching this community quietly but have not contributed much in the last two years. Here is the reason:


One daughter - Two mothers

This has been my 'pet project' since 2009, when I met a large group of women demonstration in Cardiff city centre, asking their children should be returned. They have a common story,  Social Services intervention, where their young children and babies had been taken away temporarily until they restore their broken lives. But they then were instead given to adoption against their mothers wishes. This project is an artistic response to a child's point of view of the situation. A child's understanding of mother's love, mental health, lone parents, adoption and the law.

I am delighted to say that many local, Welsh and International artist collaborated in the making of the film, not least Welsh book binding/textiles artist Becky Adams, musician/composer Jude Souter, costume designer Zoe Zowerska; International pop artist Jesca Hoop, music composer/conductor Odaline de la Martinez; local animator Gustavo Arteaga, Welsh cinematographers Luke Jacobs and  Ryan Owen Eddleston, and many other local talent.

This project is now becoming a feature film project. Its theme has now extended to a visual phycological love story. An opportunity to visually respond to discussions on personal/moral abortion rights. Please keep in touch if this is an area you feel strongly affected/vocal, would like to hear more about, influence it or contribute.

I have enclosed here a 1 minute teaser for your enjoyment


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