Mother Courage - Opening Night Arrives!

Here we go.  The dress run was last night and tonight the show opens.

It was great last night to see lots of interested people stopping to have a look at what was going on and asking questions about the show.  Hopefully many of them will come along to see it now their interest has been piqued.

Of course something else rather important is happening today.  It seems fitting that the Mother Courage opening night is the same night as the general election - and it's something several people have commented on when I've been chatting to them about the show.  As a town, Merthyr Tydfil is renowned for its history of political radicalism.  This was the place where the revolutionary red flag was first raised after all.  And it still feels like a highly political town, even at a time when many people bemoan the apathy of modern society.

With all that in mind, it feels particularly relevant that Mother Courage is being staged here, at this time.

So hopefully I'll see you at the show - I'm also working as an usher for the run, so you'll see me at the gates.  Feel free to stop for a chat (especially if I'm looking a bit chilly!) - I'd really love to hear your pre-show expectations and your post-show thoughts.

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