Photo: Ray Wood

Artistic interpretation of quarry workers lunch break. .. 

Photo: Ray Wood

The real lunch break.  Wet, wet, wet...  Despina and Cat hanging out having lunch before the sharing.  The challenges of working outdoors.  Despina was torn between the 10 minute walk to her car to get shelter and huddling in the group shelter for lunch.  No snazzy artists trailers here.  We really felt we were in the elements all week which helped us get a very limited sense of what quarry work might have been like.   

Photo: Ray Wood

I love the sense of scale in this photo.  The walkers below Wren seem so small.  Also the difference in dress: people in the mountains now tend to wear very bright clothes unlike the monochrome clothes of the quarry workers.

Photo: Ray Wood

Blasted off the rock face.

Photo: Ray Wood

The last day of a really inspiring and challenging project.  We had a sharing today attended by an intrepid audience of 10 who braved the really murky conditions and the scrambly access to come and share their thoughts on what we've been up to.  Thanks to all of you.  Thanks to the weather for providing a dryish window for the sharing. Thanks to the dancers for navigating the slippy wet rock with style. Thanks the rigger and belayers for looking after the dancers and braving the elements cheerfully all week.  Thanks to Ray Wood for photos and looking forward to seeing more and the film!  Thanks to NTW and Wales Lab for the support to make this happen.  And.. thanks to National Trust for permission to use the crag. 

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Comment by Kate Lawrence on May 25, 2015 at 3:04

Thanks Heloise - it was a great experience, challenging but really fun.  Hope you are well...How was your project?  Simon was telling me it went really well - wish I could have come...

Comment by Heloise Godfrey-Talbot on May 25, 2015 at 0:11

Looks fantastic!

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