My TEAM journey began in January 2016 when I joined the TEAM panel. How would I describe TEAM? Well it's safe to say it is different for everyone. But even though everyone's TEAM journey is different I think we do share some of these valid factors:

TEAM provides some AWESOME opportunities: After a month of being on the panel a position opened for a blogger on the TEAM production Stories of the Streets. This was the perfect way to begin my TEAM journey, it gave me a great sense of what TEAM can offer. SOTS was curated by Kelly Jones and supported by NTW TEAM in 2010. Inspired to write Kelly wanted to give other people the opportunity to do the same. Overheard conversations were used as the main source of inspiration and the backbone to this project, then through workshops scripts were developed. Tom Wentworth (our lovely Chair) joined Kelly and together with Disability Arts Cymru they produced a unique take on SOTS. I joined them on their first day of rehearsal and spent the next three days listening, taking photo's and learning a great deal of what happens behind the scenes in this type of event. 

In October last year a role opened for West Wales TEAM Associate. Being from West Wales and having great fun on the TEAM panel as you can imagine, I jumped at the opportunity! I felt this was a role that I could peruse in more depth, continue my aim of getting more people involved with TEAM and NTW in Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion and help NTW's aim of becoming more of a national theatre.

There are a great deal of creatives within West Wales but unfortunately it has limited access to theatre. Given that I feel it extremely important that theatre and the arts should be available to everyone, I set out to connect with as many different types of creative people in West Wales and give them an insight into what TEAM is all about.

In order to give people a better understanding of TEAM the Sound Project was curated. This project has involved me going into the community gathering stories of local 'sound' people from Monkton. Now the stories have been collected, a selection have been chosen and through a series of script writing and performance workshops these stories will be adapted into short performances. Offering the writing and performance workshops has given the community opportunities to develop and learn new skills with the hopes that it makes people believe that it is something that anyone can be a part of.

TEAM introduces you to some very inspirational people: One of the roles as TEAM panellist is to attend one board meeting during the year. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet all the board members and hear about their inspiring lives. Through my role as TEAM associate I have built up a strong relationship with the NTW staff who all made me feel very welcome into the company. I also get to see some fantastic productions that NTW create!

TEAM helps you get more connected: Being part of the online community is a great way to keep connected. Living far West can sometimes feel like I'm at the end of the earth! So having the online community helps me keep up to date with the latest events, job opportunities and it also is a great way to keep people in the loop with my work through my blogs. The best thing about it is everyone on the community is willing to help! 

TEAM enables you to develop new skills and build confidence:  I must admit that when I attended the very first panel meeting I was incredibly nervous! The thought of sitting around a table with some very talented people in the National Theatre Wales head office was a very daunting prospect, but as soon as I arrived I was made to feel very welcome, each and every panel member made a huge effort getting to know me and it was fascinating to hear about them. Now I am in my second year on the panel, I feel I have progressed and learnt a great deal. The Sound project has given me a deeper insight into community based projects and has definitely inspired and given me the skills to take on similar projects once this one ends.

This year the panel hosts some incredibly influential people and I’m very much looking forward to the future of TEAM and what directions is will take. GO TEAM!! 

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Comment by Phil Croskin on May 11, 2017 at 18:08

Lovely to read your blog Diana.

Also pleasing to read Ceredigion gets a mention here as part of your blog.

Based in Aberystwyth. Drop me an e mail if ever you are in the area.

Have a good ear for any new ideas you want kicking around.

Phil Croskin

Comment by Sophie McKeand on May 9, 2017 at 14:13

This is great to read! I had a similar experience <3


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