Hi Everyone,

-The Start-

In 2015 I was studying Theatre, Television and Performance at Glyndwr university and I was able to be present for a TEAM presentation by Devinda De Silva and Laura Thomas.

They discussed what the NTW Community was and how to get involved as an artist. I joined the Community and applied for a Stage management placement over the Summer which was a great experience especially as I was required to attain work experience as part of my course.

After spending the Summer working on a tremendous project '150 Patagonia' by Marc Rees (which I've also blogged about), I was able to gain sooo much experience whilst working as part of the production for a month during the rehearsal process, this with a professional Director, Stage-manager, Designers, Production manager and many more creative professionals.


National Theatre Wales TEAM then gave me the opportunity to use my newly acquired knowledge to then go on to stage manage a show myself, which became the December 2015 'TEAM Performance party' in Wrexham. This was a stand out moment for me as somebody with, at times, a lack of self confidence; it was surreal to have such a renowned company have so much confidence in me that I could manage this by myself.

By this I mean they never said "You cant..." They always were encouraging and built me up, which I think is so important for people aspiring to achieve something. Positivity was something that was apparent when working with the National Theatre Wales community and definitely a part of their ethos.
I remember having a conversation with TEAM Assistant at the time, Laura Thomas, in which I told her about my insecurities, and she was nothing but positive and gave me such reinforcement that I was doing a great job. This was refreshing and guest what...? The the show was a success!


I joined National theatre Wales TEAM Panel in 2016. This was the best decision I'd make as I've grown so much, being able to build my confidence to be able to deliver a TEAM presentation in Swansea with Anna Poole, as well as to my previous course's new students at Glyndwr University this year alongside Tom Wentworth.

Again all these opportunities have built me as a person. Nevertheless, I may have weak points but this process has highlighted what I'm good at and what I can improve in a positive manner!

Since working on different projects with and outside NTW, I have witnessed different methods, and I am aware of which are most effective and which can be less productive and negative.

And that is what a journey is - there've been times when I've felt really low and overwhelmed, and times when I've felt elated. Throughout, National theatre Wales have inspired me to enjoy what I do, to travel, to be strong and to follow my passion, and not be swayed be anything!

I'd describe NTW Team as a friendship - this meaning they are people who you want to be around not have to be around!
I can't wait to see what is next on this never ending journey!

Natasha Simone



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