My review of Return to the forbidden planet

This review is from my point of view as a member of the cast, one of the four air hostesses

Return to the forbidden planet, if you dare.

Dressed up in my green, orange and silver air hostess costume, hair and make up fully done and carrying my silver, green glittered box, I was pumped, excited and ready to go. It was the first night however the matinee had been a huge success with the school children, if the audience were only half as enthusiastic as them it would still go down a storm. I made my way out into the main foyer and started to welcome people onto scientific survey flight nine, star ship Albatross. I also told them to buckle up there seatbelts and to enjoy the flight. Two lads who I knew and recognised me, cringed and had a good old giggle to themselves. A few of the elderly thanked me for the warm welcome and several people looked very shocked when I started to talk to them, as if I was a mannequin who had come to life. Before I knew it, it was time for the doors to close and I made my way to the door on the right hand side, had time for one last breather and out of nowhere came the overture. Us four air hostesses, plus Cookie the cook, who we find out later is in love with another character, Miranda, strutted our way onto the stage through the diagonal aisle. On the other side was Omnes, the handy man, the navigation officer, a nerdy girl who has a crush on Tempest and is very jealous of Miranda, the science officer who can be seen as the ‘baddy’, Bosun, a gay, right hand man for the captain and Captain Tempest himself who ends up befriending a character, Prospero, and falling in love with another, Miranda. I took myself to stage left, threw a few poses, said my part of the polarity reversal drill (which was very funny to see the audience do) and sat on my stool. The first act went all according to plan, all the songs were sung, all the dances were danced and all of the dialogue was said. The energy and enthusiasm of the whole cast created an amazing atmosphere and vibe, and the audience participation of applauding was great, they certainly didn’t miss any cues. We were introduced to a few more character’s them being; Prospero, the mad scientist who’s been abandoned on a planet, and just so happens to be the science officers husband, his and the science officers daughter, Miranda, who all the men fancy, bar than Bosun of course, and Ariel the robot, Doctor Prospero’s invention. We ended act one trying to fight off flying tentacles, which we later find out belong to a monster of the id, which is created by Doctor Prospero.
Out of breath but running on adrenaline the interval was interesting. People trying to scoff down food, glug down liquids, spraying of various sorts from hair to armpits and adjustments of costume, hair and make up, were just some of the crazy, mad acts occurring backstage. Suddenly the voice in the speakers was being projected; it filled up every crack and cranny of each room. It was time for act two to commence.
I made my way to my end position of act one. A voice was being heard everywhere and a projection of one of the English teachers was showing up on either side of the stage. The projection disappeared just as quickly as it came, the orchestra took their cue and kicked in. The second act was just as suburb as the first one, if anything, better. The energy had managed to take itself up another level which I thought was impossible but the impossible was achieved. The only problem was Ariel’s solo was missed out, however no one knew, including myself until I was told after the show. It flowed just like melted butter. The final conclusion was Tempest and Miranda fall in love, Prospero commits galactic suicide as it’s the only way to kill the monster, Cookie is left alone and depressed as his lover has run off with the captain, like wise with the navigation officer as her lover has run off with Miranda, the Science officer becomes a ‘goody’ and for bosun, Omnes and the air hostesses it’s back to the usual. As we run off stage the final applause had already started. We appeared back onstage in order of importance for our bows, the roar of claps, the whistles and odd muffled chant just felt amazing. The orchestra started to play ‘Great balls of fire’ and suddenly I was prancing around the stage again performing the reprise. The final phrase came, the applause was still going on and the end pose was finally hit. There was some form of relief however, the adrenaline level’s were so high I wanted to do it all again. We got backstage and there was a huge sense of achievement buzzing around. The director came down talked to us all with a huge grin on her face like a child at Christmas. Everything that was said was either positive or a compliment and we were left to do what we needed to do. The flight that survived an asteroid storm, a crash landing and fighting off a monster twice. Return to the forbidden planet.

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Rydym yn elusen gofrestredig, ac yn dibynnu ar roddion gan unigolion, busnesau ac ymddiriedolaethau a sefydliadau i barhau i greu theatr anhygoel ledled Cymru a thu hwnt. Dysgwch ragor am sut i Fuddsoddi ynom Ni

Rydym yn elusen gofrestredig, ac yn dibynnu ar roddion gan unigolion, busnesau ac ymddiriedolaethau a sefydliadau i barhau i greu theatr anhygoel ledled Cymru a thu hwnt. Dysgwch ragor am sut i Fuddsoddi ynom Ni 

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