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One of the problems (and also the joys) of being a TEAM member is that the concept of TEAM is very hard to 'pitch' or describe to another person. TEAM is a fantastic thing - and as many readers will know I can enthuse at length - but a strangers next question will often be: 'So, what is TEAM?' And then I'm stumped. It is so many different things to so many different and diverse people - and as Chair of TEAM Panel, I feel that it is my job to champion and celebrate this. But in the spirit of answering, 'So what is TEAM'? I wanted to add my TEAM journey to this series of blog posts.

My first connection will TEAM was online through the group on Community. There was listed a whole host of exciting events - all of which I wanted to go along to. I remember attending Word4Word, a performance poetry event and sitting in the audience itching to do my thing. A little while later I was asked to contribute a short play to Kelly Jones' new writing event Stories of the Streets. From that moment I was hooked and continued to attend events, talks and training.

This went on for quite a number of years until in 2015 Kelly invited me to co-produce Stories of the Streets with her. This brought my focus firmly back to TEAM and after producing a successful event and feeling the enjoyment of being 'active' again rather than an audience, I began to participate more - blogging for the NTW site, running the Twitter account for a day and generally making a (nice) nuisance of myself.

Then the opportunity came to apply to be on TEAM Panel. I wanted to be part of this very much. It felt like a chance to help shape TEAM for myself and help to keep it in good health. I was delighted to be asked to be on the Panel and spent a very happy heart getting to grips with TEAM from the inside and learning how much Devinda and Rhoda do to keep the show on the road. TEAM has so many tributaries and branches - it can often be really difficult to keep track!

But still I wanted more. When the role of Chair of TEAM Panel was created I thought hard about whether I wanted to apply. What would I be able to bring to the role? I decided that TEAM had given me so much - opportunities, confidence, friendships and creative collaborators. It had had - and continues to have - both a direct and somewhat separate influence on my professional practice. I was very pleased to be offered the role as Chair as it have given me a valuable opportunity to give something back.

So far this year has shown me the true diversity and breadth of TEAM. I'm no nearer to answering the question of what TEAM is and can only share my personal story. However, I hope that seen in the context of all the other posts it illuminates a little of what TEAM could be for you...

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