A year ago, I got to know National Theatre Wales, because of a symposium about producing that was held at my school. Imediately I had the feeling that this was a very interesting company that produced productions of all sorts. Matt Ball came to speak at this symposium and the first opportunity I got, I tackled him to ask if I could do an internship at NTW. He told me that NTW never takes interns, but I found another form in which I could still come over to work with NTW for about two months.

So what is it that I'm doing then? For the last month and a half I've been introducing myself as Laura, the girl from Amsterdam, who's doing a 'sort of' internship at NTW. I've been working at the office, where I have been assisting Matt Ball and Simon Coates with WalesLab and Gavin Porter with Assembly, I've had talks with a lot of the staff about NTW and their work there and I'm trying to help out in many other ways. And ofcourse, I drank tea. Lots of it. White, no sugar. But the actual reason I'm here, is because I wanted to learn about the different aspects that make NTW. I'm very interested in becoming a producer who invites artists of all disciplines to come work with me and to collaborate with each other. Also, I'm doing research for my thesis that I'm going to start writing next September and which is going to be about how a theatre company can have a lasting effect on a community after they did a production with or in this community.

In Cardiff, the lovely Buddug James Jones and Anna Poole were so kind to invite me to stay at their house for a couple of days untill I found a permanent place to live after my actual accomodation got cancelled. And for six weeks now I've been staying with the most amazing host you can think of staying with: Laila Mason, her wonderful family and beautiful dog Willow. My last week in Cardiff is about to start now and I am really going to miss coming home after work and having a cuppa with Laila, discussing all things in life.

After this week I'm going to Anglesey to join NTW in their residency there. I'll be all over the island, in Trearddur Bay with the Summercamp and DIY festival, in Llangefni with the Assembly and I'll be popping in at the shops in Llangefni and Holyhead. So if you're up there and meet a girl with a weird accent, that'll probably be me.

Want more information about the residency? Check out the website and subscribe to take part in the DIY Festival, where all artists - writers, directors, photographers, actors, choreographers, designers, musicians, performance-artists, installation-makers, multi-media experimenters, technologists and developers can create work for a weekend. If the weather will allow it, we'll go outside to the beach to work. And believe me, you want to be there, it's beautiful.

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