Nearly just needs an audience

This is the last friday blog from me. So ill cut the gush and get to the point. This week has been about fine tuning. If you liken the process to creating a menu ..then

Week 1 - we looked at the recipe and did the shopping for ingredients.Week two we looked at the bill and said blimey we cant afford that! we didnt really..sorry i digress....

Week 2 - we prepared the courses and picked out our favourite parts of the meal.

And the following weeks we prepared and cooked the meal til it was almost ready..and now we are about to set the table and waiting for guests to arrive...weve sat back now for a while to open a bottle but we wont taste it til everyones is here. We are poised but not blase..and we are prepared, but so prepared that we can afford to relax.

Its a tricky one for me,cos usually, as an actor, im feeling a sense of expectation and rising adrenalin up to the starting line to perform..but now i have to let it go and give the production to the actors and i feel protective towards it and to them..but as Claire Cage said..and shes right...'its ok..we can handle it.'

We invited a small audience in today to watch and the response was very good.Constructive and positive and so worthwhile because without giving it away they missed something absolutely fundamental to the plot..and now ive had a chance to go back and look at that again....thankyou invited ones...Shelley Rees, Alex Alderton and Michael Cousin..your thoughts go with us to the end of the run.

ok ill admit a bit sad today...its coming to the end of my job in the rehearsal room. That bit where the director has to step back...but theres the Get in/ rig/focusing/tech and dress and all the sheer chaos of getting it on and up and ready..standing there in its sunday best for you to come to see. It will face some critics and some supporters and i have to face that thing of' triumph and adversity' as know that saying ?.....oh blimey look at me gush mode again..quick someone get a muzzle...

Anyway..its on..these first class actors and Pinter are on stage....whats not to like? The design is pretty special too..

please come along and ill promise ill never blog you again! The unsually quiet - Julie xx

ps...theres an e..trailer flying around to promote the show.... its on my profile page on facebook..and nathan sussex and claire cages i believe....

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