Hello. Boyd Clack here. Been rehearsing with the company for two and a half weeks. I am mentally and physically exhausted but the cast and crew are as cool a bunch of hombres as you'd ever meet. Ollie Wood is an old mate from High Hopes and his cheery disposition never fails to raise spirits. He isn't the sharpest banana in the volcano but he's angelic. Huw is a nice guy too. He's a fellow depressive and we exchange bleak anecdotes about our childhhods. The girls, Sharon, Amy and Siwan are bubbly, sweetsmelling sea urchins and the writer, I forget his name, is typically intense and incommunicable. I caught him crying last night.The girls are beautiful as I say but they are unfortunately frigid. Well that's my experience anyway. John the director is a strange moody man. He seems to have an unworldly distance to him. I have noted this before in men who have spent a long period in prison. I like him. All in all I feel mildly suicidal which is quite good for me. I probably won't write again because I believe they are monitoring me. All the best. Mister Underhill.

PS ther's an assistant director who is apparantly aq member of Girls Aloud. I think he's the one who sends dirty photos to footballers.

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Comment by Marc Rees on February 18, 2010 at 9:23
Boyd, thanks for the revelation re John, I knew there was something strangeways about him....hope to see you soon.
Comment by National Theatre Wales on February 17, 2010 at 18:42
Boyd, you promised not to mention the prison years. Those days we shared in the cell are happy memories to me!

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