NEW 8 Week Improv Comedy Course (Cardiff)

Time passes and calls for more improv comedy.

There is limited amount of this marvellous art form in Wales in general. Offering more improv comedy is a great idea, I think.

For all walks of life, improv will offer a development in confidence, communication and spontaneity. A common phrase is all actors need to be improvisers, but not all improvisers need to be actors. The task to act in some styles of improvisation would be odd... think of some well known names that do it!

The eight week course is led by Nathan Improv. The workshops shall explore spontaneity and its application to create comedy live. There is an eight-week course available for adults in May. In the course, we shall explore thoughts on the use of fun, enhancing the performance of the players through using playfulness in their improvisation. Its rather obvious that fun is engaging to see and is also fun for the performers. Playfulness gets us out of the way of ego, judgement and expectations, which are three elements that kill our improv. We shall  search the basics of improvisation: listening, agreement and adding, commiting and supporting each other. Improv is an open art form, where we search for freedom and honesty for comedy!

We cover the various aspects of improvisation making it suitable for all; those that have improvised and those that haven't. Covering topics from Al Wunder, Andrew Morrish, Keith Johnstone and some from the infamous Nathan Keates (amongst others). By the end of the course all participants will have personally explored and developed in the art form of improvisation and can stroll through the wonders that are your journey to the unknown.

Let's find the funny together.

Next Workshop: 8-week adult course

Venue: Cardiff Arches, St. John's Road, Cardiff CF10 5PE (TBC)

from Mondays 18th May

Mondays 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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