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Am re-posting this just in case anyone interested missed it at the end of my post yesterday!


Would anyone be interested in starting up a group on here to discuss children's theatre, literature, TV, film etc.?  It might be a way for like-minded creatives to get together, as I've noticed quite a few people on here write for kids, visit schools etc., as I do.  Let me know via comments on this if you're interested and I'll set it up.



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Comment by Rob Keeley on March 11, 2015 at 0:22

Hi Gemma


Thanks for that; just read your profile and your work sounds fabulous.  What I'm suggesting at the moment is not a specific project but just an informal, fun web group on this site when creatives like ourselves who work with young people can get together and share thoughts and ideas on children's theatre/media.  I'm a writer, your work clearly has more of an acting emphasis, but there will be people from all disciplines who might have something to contribute.  And who knows, perhaps it will lead to some of us getting together to work on something.  This site enables us to network irrespective of location (I'm based on Merseyside).


I've just sent you a friend invite and will add your e-mail address to my own contacts list.  Meanwhile, I'll wait and see if we get some more interest and will then set up the group.  I know there is already a Youth Theatre group on here and I've joined, but I was suggesting something perhaps a little more theoretical, which we can then move towards getting our ideas together.


Clear as mud?  Look forward to chatting online soon.





Comment by Gemma louise Martin on March 11, 2015 at 0:07

Hi There,

I'd certainly be up for having a meeting with you to discuss possible ideas to promote and make this happen. If you could email via That would be fab.

Many Thanks,

Gemma Martin

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