What the Kids think of space/Science Museum/Planetarium/Liz Avery interview.

Day one and Jac is in London! First day of questions and a lot of thinking about how science stuff is presented. I think we both feel that interesting objects in glass cases are not interesting. But people speaking passionately about stuff they know creates a shared curiosity.

We learned about dark matter and dark energy and we me Aristotle, who was 7 years old, and whose science is dubious. Aristotle did make the wise statement that "you've got to be the first one there, because no one remembers the second and third." His theories about Mars and lighting are as yet unproved, but we are still open to his ideas.

Liz from Tredegar taught us that Pluto is salmon pink, and how everything we though we knew about Pluto from the last 200 years of study is wrong. But that's what she loves about her job, everything we thought as doctrinecan be proven wrong with a sigle new discovery. And that's why looking further is so exciting.

We also learned even when faced with the wonders of the universe, Kirsty has the capacity to nap in a dark room with comfy reclining chairs.

All the best,
Investigative Wonderers At Large,
Jac and Kirsty

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