New Year, More Environmentally Sustainable Me!

I always see the New Year as a fresh page or chapter. It’s a perfect excuse to finally set goals and start good habits. For me, personally, I have pledged to go one week each month totally caffeine free. That means no black coffee in the morning, and no caffeinated cold drinks either. Which sounds easy enough, but, caffeine withdrawal seems to be a real thing, and I found myself tricking my brain with decaffeinated drinks in my designated week for January.

However, a new year for NTW means a new season, and our 2019 season announcement looks to be a busy but exciting year for us. We are showing the latest of the Storm plays created by Mike Brookes, and taking some of our NHS 70 monologues on tour, taking Cotton Fingers all the way to Ireland and touring Stick Maker around Wales. As always, we aim to be as sustainable as possible with producing and advertising shows, as well as while in the office. Sharing information and tips can be a very powerful tool, and I would love to hear what habits other people have to be more sustainable.

So, I encourage you to share your ideas with the NTW Community with your own blogs or simply by starting a conversation in the comments.

Before starting my apprenticeship here, I was already aware that members of staff are encouraged to cycle to work, an idea that seems much more appealing in the summertime. I was also aware that we share our production equipment and rent it out to other companies, in order to reduce waste on items that might otherwise not get used enough.

When I started my apprenticeship in the office, I discovered that there are a lot of good habits in the office as well. A simple one, which we all do at home, is switching the toilet light off once you leave. This is a habit that I believe can be adopted more often with other rooms in the house, or in the office.

One project we have started recently is putting small non-recyclable rubbish into plastic bottles and creating ‘Ecobricks’, an idea stemmed from a charity that hopes to create a more sustainable way of building walls, statues and much more, by reusing non-recyclable materials. This is effectively making them recyclable in some sense.

One thing we have to be cautious of, however, is stacking up too many empty bottles. This is mostly avoided by using reusable bottles and coffee cups, and throughout the day most use mugs and cups. I’ve always been told prevention is better than cure!

We would love to hear other people’s ideas & views, and whether they agree or disagree with some habits we have picked up in the office. Sharing ideas and spreading the word will help us to create a more sustainable future and create a better environment for future generations.

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