Hey everyone,

I posted a blog about wanting to organise a Nordic larp weekend in the near future. You can read all about what a Nordic larp is here-


Well......I'm very happy to announce that the near future has arrived! On November 5th and 6th there are three larps for you to come and play for FREE!

So here's the plan-

Sat Nov 5th
9am- players travel to Theatr Gen in Carmarthen (a free mini bus will be leaving Cardiff)
11-2- Before and After Silence
2-4- lunch (will be provided)
4-8- Waiting For Flight GO901
8- players travel back home (a mini bus will take you back to Cardiff)

Sun Nov 6th
10- players travel from Cardiff (car pooling)
12-3- Fallen Stars
4- players travel back to Cardiff

You are very welcome to play one, two or all three larps, it's entirely up to you. The only rule is that if you're not playing then you cannot be in the playing space. There are no spectators in these larps. But there is a green room that you can relax in and drink tea!

So, here's a bit of information about the larps-

Before and After Silence
In a world of more and more sound, silence is becoming more valuable. Before and After Silence is about limitations and listening and about doing almost nothing. It is non-verbal and uses silence as its starting point. It is about shifting the point of view from “what is” to “what is not”, about shifting the focus from “the sounds” to “the spaces between the sounds”. Rather than playing characters, we examine how we look at ourselves and how different filters can change how we see ourselves and others. We ask you to explore that silence, and to see if you can shape it.

Playing style- silent.

Waiting for Flight G0901

People are waiting for their friends and loved ones who are on a flight home to Cardiff Airport. We follow the characters and their reactions from when the flight is merely delayed until the unthinkable happens.

Playing style- Social realism.

Fallen Stars
Fallen Stars is a game about old things, once beloved by their owners but now discarded and no longer cared for. As they languish at a flea market they dream of their glory days and hope to find new lives with new owners. They also worry about the uncertain future of those whom buyers will not rescue.

Playing style- realism, within the framework that objects can think and talk.

Please remember- it's all completely free, the majority of you are first time larpers and above all, it's going to be a lot of fun.

If you're interested in coming along to play then please email me at bethan@bethanmarlow.com with the following details-

1. Which larps you'd like to play.
2. Whether you need a space on the mini bus.
3. Any dietary requirements.

If you could please get back to me by Friday October 28th that would be great.

Hope to see you on November 5th.



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Comment by Catrin Rogers on October 25, 2016 at 1:18

Hwre! Cannot wait for this - it's very intriguing.

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