Now I've seen the promo vid...and I'm really excited!

I saw the promo clip for Mother Courage today.  Have you seen it yet?  It's awesome.  Check it out.

Now it's May, which means that there's under a week to go until the show opens.  For me, as a promoter, this is a crucial time, making sure I reach as many people as possible.  It's really great when you're promoting something that you were genuinely already excited about, before you knew you'd be working on it.

If you're a resident of Merthyr, or a regular visitor, you'll know that the town has changed quite a bit in recent years, with lots of redevelopment in the town centre.  I think often with schemes like that there's a sense of 'what now?' when they are completed or near completion.  Physical regeneration brings a collective sense of optimism and it's really important that this finds outlets and ways of expressing itself, turning into tangible and positive things...leading to the creation of something culturally exciting and new.  I think in some places that optimism can be lost but I'm hopeful that won't happen in Merthyr.  The more people I meet and talk to about Mother Courage the more cheered I am by people's interest in the show and I think it's really indicative of the mood here.  There's a definite eagerness to see more and do more good stuff.

In the past I've sometimes been told that people in Merthyr and similar towns 'won't like' anything 'arty' and 'just won't get it'.  It always made me angry (and I'm typing a little angrily now, to be honest) because it's so untrue.  Luckily we have lots of great art, both coming here and being created here, to prove that wrong.


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