Nowhere: Now Here - The Second Respond Test

The votes were counted and verified and I can now reveal that the next theme for our Second Respond Test is...

Nowhere: Now Here

With 6 separate suggestions all around ideas of Cardiff development and born out of the opening of John Lewis in Cardiff last week, "where are our modern social spaces" has come out as our theme for this Respond test.

Thanks so much for all your fantastic suggestions - many of those will continue to be urgent issues so we will be keeping these suggested themes on the backburner for future Respond programme events.

Nowhere: Now Here will be happening this Friday 2nd October in The Vulcan Hotel, Adam Street, Cardiff from 7.00pm

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The three participants in this Respond Test workshop are:

Jane Sutcliffe
Terry Victor
Matthew Bulgo

The process of making Respond projects is an experiment: how can a group of artists and creatives make a piece of work really quickly in response to an important theme, event or question.

Our audience are a vital part of this process and the feedback that you can give from your experiences will help inform National Theatre Wales' way of working, to make Respond the best programme it can be. So please come and help develop our work.

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Comment by Guy O'Donnell on September 30, 2009 at 6:25
This appears a really interesting respond topic.
I would imagine that everyone that visits/ has gone through the capital in the past year would have an opinion on this. These issues were being discussed in todays Echo with the new Cardiff bus timetable and the planned access route to Bute Park. With all of the recent work in the capital I have caught myself getting lost even though I have lived here for years !
I also think this would be a great topic to Engage the wider population with as it instantly strikes a cord.
Looking forward to the Response. How will we all fit in the Vulcan !

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