Last week, we were lucky enough to be invited to NTW HQ in Castle Arcade, to be artists in residence for the day. This is what we got up to...


As leaked reports have suggested, we all now know the truth - that National Theatre Wales real trading name is 'NATSA' - a secret branch of NASA, whose employees were all selected for the sole purpose of confirmation that the 1969 moon landing actually occurred. 

During the day, the members of the NTW (NATSA) office went through various phases of astronaut training before one stand-out candidate raised his hand and space-walked into the history books. His name was Simon Coates.

Simon's efforts confirmed once and for all that the moon landing was, in fact, a reality. He could not have done this without the help and support of his fellow NATSA colleagues, who not only helped to make his 2-Part Electro-magnetic Transmogrification Field Generator, Compact Oxygenation Module and Physio-Atmospheric Statistics Transmitter (P-AST), but whose tireless guidance via a live feed delayed by at least one minute ensured the fairytale ending that ensued (and as such, he was able to watch his live self giant leap onto the lunar surface in real time on his return).

We thoroughly enjoyed the day, and are currently working on the NATSA Mission Report... Stay tuned!

Jason & Becky

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