National Theatre Wales is casting for a new collaboration with Green Man Festival. 

Created by Gerald Tyler, the project will take place from the 4th to the 17th of August 2014, including the performance across the 14th - 17th August, at the Green Man Festival site, Glanusk Estate near Crickhowell.

All performers will need to be physically fit and robust since the festival site is big, uneven and exposed to the elements. Rehearsals will be intensive and on site at the Glanusk Estate.

From 13th-17th August, for the duration of the performance, all project staff will need to reside on site (yes that’s camping). This will be made as comfortable as possible with access to showers etc but please be aware, this is a festival gig.


We are looking to cast the following roles in this production:


Father Christmas

Playing age 45 – 65

Physically robust, charismatic, big voice, ability to improvise & hold eye contact.

Christmas (winter in human form) is an immortal pagan deity, love sick and rogue. Verging on high functioning alcoholic, he distracts himself from his broken heart by being fiercely interested in everything, especially the stories and dreams of others. His heart broke when one day a long time ago; Mrs Christmas put on her best red coat and went outside to walk in the snow - she never came home. He’s been looking for her ever since. Throughout the run of the performance, Christmas will have several moments of intense and one to one contact with grown-ups and children alike.


Stern Bob – An Elf

Playing age 40 - 60

Physically robust, good story teller, sense of musicality, ability to improvise.

Bob is essentially personal assistant & body guard to Father Christmas. He fields questions, tastes food and generally keeps the big guy “on mission”. He works closely with Quiet Bob, another Elf who says little but plays the guitar on occasion whilst Stern Bob recites grand tales of Christmas’ adventures. Stern Bob also drives the freezer truck they hired to keep Christmas cool on their road trip. Despite his title, Bob has a kind and loyal heart but since Christmas is somewhat prone to adventure, someone has to at least behave as if they’re in charge.


Mrs Christmas / The Missing Actress / The Red Woman

Playing age 35 – 55

Good mover, funny, sense of musicality, confident improviser.

Already missing before the festival opens, her presence is mostly on screen/online as part of the projects video diary which is maintained during the lead up to the event. One night, whilst rehearsing a fabricated and satirical ritual to “possess” her with the fertile spirit of nature, she physically disappears into the woods. When she returns three days later, she is indeed imbued with the carnal, intellectual & magical power of an immortal deity. Oh, and she’s wearing a wedding dress.

Casting will take place in Cardiff on Friday 20th June.

If you would like to be considered for this production please send your headshot and CV, telling us a bit about yourself, where you are from and where you are based to:

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