Yesterday was the first day of our thoughtful, wordy, adventure in making some responsive reflective performance that will knowingly coincide with Britain's expected departure from Europe.

Working on this project as one of 8 performers, who were all selected for their various skills, voices, approaches and backgrounds in performance, I'm gunna speak only as 1 of that 8.

(1) - 8.

As far as first days go I think each of us entered the room with a certain amount of anxiety and nerves. That's natural, as on the whole we were dealing with a lot of unknowns. However, as soon as we got to meeting one another, the cast, crew, director and team, and having the work and space explained to us in more detail, we started to loosen up and bed in.

Being taken through various exercises to unlock our voices and unlock our "us's" I think I began to see how we click together.

It's the first time I've been among so many spoken word artists working on a project together, where writing is not the focus... and it's fascinating. The task seems to be about individualism and voice. It's about the words we've been given, in there entirety, and as segments. It's about how we make sense of the text, and so far the journey has been about finding ourselves within it.

BUT I CAN'T HELP IT. In true Spoken Wordy from, I've written a short quick linguistic free-write surmising of day one...

You expect a few more than eight and get forty,

Sweaty palms calmed by warm tea cups,

Place bag in corner, stand awkward,

Then sit, chat, relax, loosen up.

You, this is about you, and everyone else in the room.

Semi supine,

Breathe deep,

And hummmmm.

Think about throwing the ball.

Eat lunch.

Talk lunch. Talk life. Talk future. Talk time. Talk past. Talk first names, last names, place names and tastes.

Greet man who arrives on massive motorbike.

Go back.

Find a way to be at ease in place of natural discomfort. i.e Find a way to not perform in a stasis of performance.

Listen. Hear the words. Collecting, culminating, resonating, popping.

Pick up meaning; as what it means to the reader who resuscitates it from the lungs of the text.

Creak on chair.

Begin to read extract. Suddenly, the voice box doesn't want to relax.

Twitch tongue over text.

Remember semi supine.

Remember breathe deep.

Remember, and hum.

Full stop.


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