Soooooooo hear I am in Edinburgh.


I am about 12 hours behind on this blog post after a long first day. I was up at 7 to start my travels  and didn't get into bed until gone midnight. So a quick recap I gone on the train in Swansea and was sat all on my tod until @ameliaforsbrook gets on the train at Cardiff. I had met Amelia before but we had a quick catch about what we had both been up to lately. It is @ameliaforsbrook first time at the Fringe and my second my first being last year. We are both really excited about what we are going to see and how much we are going to be able to pack into the days.


When we finally arrived into Edinburgh the excitement really started to build. It became very real very quickly. We headed to get some food in an American theme dinner just around the corner from the flat we are staying in. So after food we head to the flat and settle in before a quick turn around to go and see our first show of this years Fringe. I would just like to point out I was knackered by this point and wanted something light and funny a easy watch so naturally we decide to see 'A Clockwork Orange' by Action to the World.


It was an all male cast and I have to admit in the first 5-10 mins I thought I had made a terrible choice remembering the subject matter and how not light and funny the source material was. However I did find myself getting caught up in the production and by the end I was fully immersed in the piece and found that I had really enjoyed it. So if you are a fan of 'A Clockwork Orange' definitely give this show a watch but it might be one to save for a time when your less tired.


After the show I showed @ameliaforsbrook around Edinburgh a bit or at least the bits I knew and we tried to pick up as many leaflets as possible but discovered wearing matching bright orange TEAM t-shirts is a sure way to repel flyers. We had some nice chat with one person about the the show they were pushing and also enjoyed the first pint of the festival. Finally we decided to go see our second and last show of the evening 'Comic Strip'. 'Comic Strip" showcased comedians and burlesque dancers. I think this show has a lot of potential as a good strong night closer as there is a bar in the venue although the night lives and dies on the the audience reaction to the night and unfortunately while we were there the crowd was fairly dead.


After that it was time to come back to the flat and edit the video for today which is done and will be uploaded to youtube soon.


If you want to follow what we are up to as we are doing it follow us on twitter @ameliaforsbrook and @dextartuk.


Have a good day will report back later.




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