NTW03 - The Sunday Afternoon Project Evaluation!!

Hello all,

Here are pictures of Laura and I promoting The Devil Inside Him as part of Team Cardiff through the medium of Curtain Raisers in the centre yesterday afternoon.

Our ideas were inspired by street theatre and we wanted to create a "live trailer":

Laura - the walking advertisement!!

The super talented and mesmerizing "statue man" Ben helped us out with a bit of advertising!!

Thanks a lot Ben!!

His website is - http://thestatueandtheclown.com/index.html

We decided to use these comedy/tragedy masks as they are instantly recognisable as theatre symbols.

The mini performance - however this was difficult as there were only two of us! We made an example of Huw - and acted like the priest - this part was improvised - using only our sneak preview of the play as inspiration! We then decided to recite important lines from the script! We found people stopping to listen to what we were saying! The fact that we had the big poster gave the performance a sense of focus for the passers by - it was made entirely obvious what our purpose was!

We decided to carry the performance on further by walking through town wearing the masks and handing out flyers and many people were interested.

We had fun being creative - however if anybody are interested in joining us some time this week please leave a comment as our ideas would work better with a few more people!!

Melody and Laura x

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Comment by Tom Beardshaw on May 10, 2010 at 22:16
Brilliant! Well done everyone involved!
Comment by Aisling Galligan on May 10, 2010 at 11:24
Looks exciting and informative! Good work guys, sorry I couldn't join you but final presentations and performances are on this week in uni so plenty of meetings and rehearsals including one on Sunday while you were having fun with masks and posters! Looks like you did a good job though and hopefully a few others may join you later in the week! Good luck!
Comment by Devinda De Silva on May 10, 2010 at 9:23
Looks like a great way to spread the word! Thank you both for taking the time. Catch up soon.

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