#NTWAssembly Cardigan - Who Controls the Drones in my Sky?

Since Monday Gavin and the Cardigan Assembly team have been questioning, collaborating and creating around the provocation: Who Controls the Drones in My Sky?

The team is made up of a mixture of artists and crew from National Theatre Wales and the Small World Theatre (Click here to find out more about them) . We have Buddug, Delyth, Hassan, Toby, Jake, Sean, Steve, Bill, Matt, Sam, Tom, Louis, Alex and, of course, Gavin and Katherine.

Monday started like this . . .

One of the exercises was to make two objects. One to represent a positive view of Drones and the other to represent a negative view.

And then today we got to this . . .  

Before working on this project I had I really had a very basic knowledge of Drones. I knew they existed and I know they were used for military purposes but I had never thought about the impact their manufacture and testing may have on the community around it. However, only this afternoon Facebook announced that it plans to use drones to bring internet to the parts of the world that don't already have it (Click Here for the BBC Article), so there are more positive uses for drones . . . and this is why I am really looking forward to tomorrow night.

The Assembly is free and is at the Small World Theatre, Cardigan from 7pm. If you haven't reserved tickets with Small World Theatre or through me get in touch asap as tickets are limited and are being snapped up fast!

If you can't make it you can watch online by clicking here and tuning in at 7pm.

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