NYTW perform at Arad Goch Opening Doors International Festival by Dafydd Lansley

I’m Dafydd Lansley but you can call me Daf. I’ve been a part of National Youth Theatre of Wales for over three years now and each year offers a new challenge to be faced. This is the first time we have ever remounted a production and on top of that we’re doing it in three days. Weirdly enough, it all came back to us pretty quickly on the first day. The wonders of muscle memory, eh?

We spent two days in the amazing Arad Goch Theatre and now we’re treading familiar ground in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre on the university campus. The excitement in the group is pretty audible as well as tangible.

To be a part of the Opening Doors Festival is a real honour, considering we are performing with best of the best in international theatre. Luckily, despite our tight schedule, we’re getting the chance to watch some of the other productions perform and share ideas through networking. dead born grow might even evolve further to other stages, which would be amazing!

NYTW is brilliant because you’re doing the thing that you love every day, with likeminded people and professional production teams. I can’t think of anything better, can you?

If you are interested in applying for National Youth Theatre of Wales, and the range of courses available contact nyaw@nyaw.co.uk and follow us on Twitter nyaw_ccic!


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