Online casting for Submarine, the new Michael Sheen film closes Monday

I read this BBC News article this morning.

It describes how filming for Michael Sheen's new film, Submarine, based on the novel by Swansea writer Joe Dunthorne, is casting its young roles online.

They are using an online auditioning site to ask unknown talent to apply for the roles in the film.

Virginia Heath, creative director at has said more than 1,200 people had signed up to the site and more than 100 auditions of "previously undiscovered talent" have been submitted for Submarine roles.

Auditions are open until late on Monday.

She said: "It's really useful to people who are on the margins of things, wherever they are from.

"That's why it is nice it has been a Welsh project that's the first project we've experimented with.

"Obviously, young Welsh actors are not in London and they are not at the centre of things, so it is great to give them an opportunity to take their own future in their hands and put themselves forward.

"We've had auditions from kids in mid Wales who would probably never have heard of the casting session or got to them."

Is this something that National Theatre Wales should also be examining as a way of casting? Or is it a bit too "X-Factor" for your tastes? Could this be used for casting a wide range of roles, or is this working particularly well because it is casting amongst a relatively small group of people (Welsh teenagers)?

Are any of you out there applying for this? Let us know how it goes! x

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Comment by Chris Ryde on August 18, 2009 at 3:18
I will have a small seizure if NTW adopts a casting policy anything along these lines. Why these people have to do this I do not know. I camn only assume they are loking to get these poor idealistic kids to help finance the film by paying to audition to be in it. There's ample "undiscovered" talent amongst the professionals in Wales if they cared to adopt orthodox methods of identifying it. That is what the Actors Cut that took place at the WMC three weeks ago was all about developing. Sorry to preach but this sort of thing makes my blood boil.
Comment by Deborah Powell on August 16, 2009 at 1:02
Agree. doesn't sound great when put like that (how do they justify the 'charge')?
Of course, ideally, we should put relationships and connection above money to 'buy' a way in, but what if you're really on the outside in the real world & only connected to the world you want to join in a virtual sense - surely then, this approach will speak to you & give you an access point? Beauty of virtual world is that it does open things up.
Comment by Taking Flight Theatre on August 15, 2009 at 23:42
What worried me is that they are charging young people (quote- must be over 16 to play 15, so young)- £12 a pop for the pleasure of this "on line" audition... don't know what I think about that- feeding young people the idea that they are in with a chance of being "discovered" for money... hmmm

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